Children’s Ministry

Join us on Sundays at 10 AM for PromiseLand, a program designed especially for children, ages newborn through grade 6.  Our mission is to supplement the family in spiritual training to their children to:

GROW in their relationship with God

LEARN God’s word and apply it, and

SHARE the love of Jesus with others


PromiseLand Tykes:

  • Baby Birds (Newborn – 24 mos)
  • Friendly Foxes (2 – 3 years)
  • Wise Owls (4 – 5 years) 

PromiseLand Kids (Kindergarten – 6th grade)


PromiseLand is Committed to Kids

The PromiseLand teachers, programs, and environments are “just for kids.” Through the strategic use of opening activities, interactive drama, puppetry and storytelling, worship music, games, and extracurricular activities – we make every effort to ensure that each child knows that they are a cherished and essential member of the class.

PromiseLand is Safe

We strive to ensure the physical, spiritual, and emotional safety of each child; and recognize his/her strengths, needs, and vulnerabilities. All PromiseLand teachers and assistants have passed our child protection procedures and background check requirements.

PromiseLand Teaches Biblical Truth

We use creative methods to teach Biblical truths.  We emphasize the authority and truth of the Bible is not compromised or distorted.

PromiseLand is Relevant and Applicable

We use developmentally appropriate curriculum, worship music, activities, and illustrations that make the Scriptures come alive for the children; allowing them to better see how the principles apply to their everyday lives.

PromiseLand Prays

We take every opportunity to pray with and for the children, volunteers, and their families.  We encourage the children to communicate with God in a variety of ways, including individual and personalized prayer, group prayer, the sharing of prayer requests, and answers to prayer.

PromiseLand is Serious about Having Fun

We believe that children learn more when they are having fun.  Biblical truth will always be taught in context to the joy that God intends for us to experience when we are in relationship with Him.  That’s why PromiseLand emphasizes hands-on learning through physical activity, healthy competition, elements of surprise, special celebrations, and lots of laughter!

Our Spiritual Benchmarks

Our classes provide age-appropriate study levels, and they are currently on a systematic journey through the entire Bible in 3-years.

We believe that it is important to have benchmarks for the children’s spiritual growth. These objectives give you and the PromiseLand leaders an understanding of the long-term goals that we have for the spiritual guidance of your children. Each level is intended to build on the foundation of the previous level(s), addressing the changing spiritual needs of each child as he/she grows and develops.

For any questions pertaining to PromiseLand, contact our children’s pastor, Pastor Troy Short.